Salvage the Bones

Salvage the Bones Irony

Esch's Pregnancy (Dramatic Irony)

Esch hiding her pregnancy from her family yet letting the reader in on her secret provides the dramatic irony that ultimately boils over in the climax, when her father finds out that she is pregnant while the family seeks refuge from the hurricane.

Shaliyah's Suspicion (Situational Irony)

It is ironic that, although Esch is Manny's chief mistress, she is also one of the only girls whom Shaliyah does not accuse of helping Manny to cheat on Shaliyah.

The Hurricane (Situational Irony)

It is ironic that, although Esch's social environment is dominated by machismo, Daddy admits that hurricanes with feminine names are "the worst" (124).

Creation (Situational Irony)

It is ironic that the novel is broken into twelve consecutive days, evoking the seven days of Biblical Creation, yet the novel's central conflict revolves around an impending hurricane (destruction).