Runner Imagery

Prickle of Skin and Sweat (Tactile Imagery)

As Charlie falls in love with running, he understands that his affection for running has to do not only with the feeling of warmth it gives him, but also with "the prickle of skin and sweat on [his] brow." In this example of tactile imagery, Newton describes the physical sensation of Charlie's skin responding to the sweat it produces cooling on his skin.

Soothing Rain (Tactile Imagery)

In another example of tactile imagery, Charlie turns his bloody palms up to the soothing rain after he scrapes the skin of his hands and knees during his fall in the race against Barlow. The searing pain of his exposed skin is soothed by the cool rain landing in his open wounds.

Sweet Smell of Baking (Olfactory Imagery)

While visiting the Cornwalls' bakery in Fitzroy, Charlie remarks that "the sweet smell of baking bread hung so thick in the air I could almost taste it." In this example of olfactory imagery, Newton transports the reader into the scene by illustrating the strong, appealing scent that hangs in the air of the bakery. The scent is so strong it almost transcends Charlie's olfactory sense, allowing him to almost taste the scent.

Laughter and Clinking Glasses (Auditory Imagery)

In Darlington Parade, Charlie perceives the "sound of laughter and clinking glasses." In this example of auditory imagery, Newton sets the celebratory mood by describing the sounds Charlie hears before he sees the room he is about to enter.