Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby Quotes and Analysis

"Guy Woodhouse. He was in Luther and Nobody Loves an Albatross and he does a lot of television."


This is Rosemary's canned reply whenever someone asks her what her husband does. She dutifully recites his acting credits, and the repetition of the line ironically gives it a rehearsed, performative quality.

"If you'd listened to me, we wouldn't have had to do this! We'd have been all set to go now instead of starting all over from scratch! I told you not to tell her anything in advance. I told you she wouldn't be open-minded."

Minnie Castevet/Sister Agnes

Rosemary hears these crucially important words through the wall but lacks the context in which to understand them. Although Minnie is berating Roman for revealing the coven's plot to Terry and bringing about the circumstance of her death, Rosemary imagines the words being spoken by a character the script calls Sister Agnes—seemingly a remembered figure from Rosemary's youth at Catholic school.

"No Pope ever visits a city where the newspapers are on strike."

Roman Castevet

Roman Castevet announces this line over dinner, which crystallizes his view that religious institutions are merely self-interested and self-promotional enterprises. Guy's rejoinder—"That's showbiz"—causes Roman to laugh and agree, pointing out that the "costumes" and "rituals" of religious ceremonies are similar to those of the entertainment industry.

"Oh, we're fertile, alright. I've got twenty nieces and nephews."


Rosemary tells this to Minnie Castevet while they are washing up after dinner. The line reflects cultural stereotypes around Irish-American Catholic families, as well as Minnie and Roman's desire to use Rosemary's body and womb to bear the antichrist.

"Tannis, anyone?"


Rosemary says this line into the mirror, a joke making light of her decision to wear the Tannis charm necklace. It parodies the line, "Tennis, anyone?" which was a punchline actors would use to remove characters from a scene.

"There, Daddy. Do I get a gold star?"


Rosemary says this to Guy after he imperiously orders her to eat the chocolate mousse brought over by Minnie Castevet. The line emphasizes Guy's tendency to infantilize Rosemary.

"Catholics only."


The Skipper of the yacht tells this to Rosemary in her dream sequence when she asks why Hutch can't come along. The dream foreshadows Hutch's death and continues to develop the film's connections between witchcraft and the Catholic Church.

"This is no dream! This is really happening!"


Probably the most famous line of the film, Rosemary speaks these words after Guy transforms into Satan and she realizes that her nightmare is in fact a reality.

"What have you done to it? What have you done to its eyes?"


Rosemary shouts these words after looking into the baby's crib and seeing his yellow eyes, demanding an explanation from the coven.

"God is DEAD!"


Roman speaks these words after revealing to Rosemary that the baby's father is not Guy, but in fact Satan. They reference an earlier TIME Magazine cover that Rosemary peruses, showing the headline "Is God Dead?"