Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby Character List

Rosemary Woodhouse

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised as a Catholic, Rosemary Woodhouse is married to Guy Woodhouse. She doesn't have a job, and spends most of her time renovating their new apartment and preparing for the birth of their child. Her family is large—she tells Minnie Castevet that she has multiple siblings and over a dozen nieces and nephews. Her kindness, politeness, and naivete help drive the plot.

Guy Woodhouse

An aspiring actor from Baltimore trying to move from television advertisements into more serious theatrical and cinematic work. As Rosemary tells anyone who will listen, Guy has been in two plays: "Luther' and "Nobody Loves an Albatross." Guy is a narcissistic and career-driven, often abandoning Rosemary and then apologizing to her later.

Minnie Castevet

One of the Woodhouses's neighbors on the seventh floor of The Bramford, married to Roman Castevet. Minnie at first seems like a meddlesome, if harmless, older woman, asking Rosemary the prices of objects in her apartment and cajoling her into a dinner invitation. She is perhaps the cleverest, boldest coven member, able to seamlessly insinuate herself into Rosemary's life.

Roman Castevet

Minnie's husband and a long-time resident of The Bramford. He tells Guy and Rosemary that though he is from New York City, he has traveled all over the world since he was 10 and has been "literally everywhere." His real name is Steven Marcato, son of the famous Satanist Adrian Marcato, who was killed just outside The Bramford.


A close friend of Guy and Rosemary, and the only character in the film who suspects that The Bramford harbors a dark secret. Hutch supplies the couple with a letter of reference to live in the exclusive apartment building at the same time that he warns them about its sordid past. Hutch is killed off-screen by a spell the coven casts after Guy manages to steal one of his gloves.


A coven member and close friend of Minnie Castevet's, who accompanies Minnie to Rosemary's apartment and later watches over Rosemary after she has given birth. Laura-Louise becomes frightened and resentful of Rosemary's status as the mother of Satan's child, unwilling to cede control of the baby over to her.

Mr. Nicklas

The real estate agent who shows Rosemary and Guy around The Bramford. The script describes him as a "small, dapper man," who is missing fingers on both hands.

Terry Gionoffrio

The young woman Rosemary meets in the basement laundry room who introduces herself as a guest of the Castevets. Terry reveals she is a struggling actress who has battled drug addiction in the past, and tells Rosemary her only family is a brother in the navy.

Dr. Sapirstein

The "society" doctor whom Minnie Castevet recommends to Rosemary. A coven member, Dr. Sapirstein advises that Rosemary neither read books nor heed the advice of friends, and that she listen only to him. He instructs Rosemary to consume Minnie's vitamin drinks and ignores Rosemary's sharp pains.

Dr. Hill

The doctor who Rosemary first sees, recommended by her friend Elise. The film makes it ambiguous whether Dr. Hill turns Rosemary over to Guy and Dr. Sapirstein because he too is part of the cult/coven, or because he is convinced Rosemary has lost her mind.