Richard II

Richard II Character List

King Richard II

the King of England, deposed by the end of the play.

The Queen

the wife of Richard.

John of Gaunt

the Duke of Lancaster and Richard's uncle, he has his lands stolen by Richard after his death.

Harry Bolingbroke

the Duke of Hereford and John Gaunt's son who will become King Henry IV after he succeeds in defeating Richard II.

Duchess of Gloucester

the widow of Gaunt's and York's brother.

Duke of York

King Richard's uncle, the man in charge of England when Richard leaves to fight in Ireland.

Duchess of York

the wife of the Duke of York.

Duke of Aumerle

the son of the Duke of York, he later plots against King Henry IV but is forgiven.

Thomas Mowbray

Duke of Norfolk.


a follower of Richard, killed by Bolingbroke.


a follower of Richard, killed by Bolingbroke.


a follower of Richard.

Earl of Northumberland

Percy, a supporter of Bolingbroke.

Harry Percy

the son of Northumberland, a supporter of Bolingbroke.

Lord Ross

a supporter of Bolingbroke.

Lord Willoughby

a supporter of Bolingbroke.

Earl of Salisbury

a member of Richard's party.

Bishop of Carlisle

a member of Richard's party.

Sir Stephen Scrope

a member of Richard's party.

Lord Berkeley

Lord Fitzwalter

Duke of Surrey

Abbot of Westminster

Sir Piers Exton

the nobleman who kills King Richard.

Lord Marshall



of the Welsh Army, he informs Salisbury that the omens indicate Richard will die soon.


attendants to the Queen.


overheard by the Queen discussing how Richard was captured by Bolingbroke.

Gardener's men

Exton's men


of the prison at Pomfret, he refuses to taste Richard's food and is protected by Exton.


the groom of King Richard's stable.