Red Queen Background

Red Queen Background

A young adult fantasy novel, Red Queen was published in 2015 and written by American author Victoria Aveyard. In the novel, there are different types of people - Reds and Silvers among them. The Silvers have special blood that gives them special powers, and they are therefore able to rule over the Reds without trouble. The title of the book, of course, indicates that 17-year old main character and protagonist Mare Barrow, a Red, will be able to defeat the Silvers.

Born in 1990, Victoria Aveyard is an American novelist and screenwriters. Her only novels are the ones in the Red Queen Series, of which there are four books. For this series, she is most well known. The Red Queen series began in 2015 after Aveyard graduated from a screenwriting program at the University of Southern California. The other three books in the series include Glass Sword, King's Cage, and War Storm. The series also included two novellas.

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