Ready Player One

Ready Player One Glossary


In Ready Player One, a massive multiplayer virtual reality game that most of humanity use on a daily basis

Virtual Reality

An artificial environment created by software that users can interact with through sight and sound


Easter egg hunters


(As in haptic gloves): of or relating to the sense of touch


A figure representing a particular person in computer games. In OASIS, avatars can take on many different forms, not all of them necessarily human.


Nonplayer characters; artificial intelligence that can take on many forms.

Anorak's Almanac

Published anthology of all of James Halliday's journal entries


Any movie, book, game, song or TV show of which Halliday was known to be a fan.

Surreal Estate

Virtual real estate

Dungeons & Dragons

A fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the 1980s.

IOI - Innovative Online Industries

The internet providers of OASIS, they looked to capitalize off of the game however possible.


Gunters who searched for the egg for IOI.

Chat room

A room where avatars could appear and speak with each other safely


Convert from code into a regular language.

The Cataclyst

A magical bomb that can only be used once; when detonated it would kill every avatar and NPC in the sector, including its owner

Fyndoro's Tablet of Finding

A device that allowed any avatar to be found by its user

PvP Zone

Player versus player zone, an area where avatars can fight and kill one another

Chaos Zone

A zone where both technology and magic work.