Quiet Torrential Sound Themes

Quiet Torrential Sound Themes


The duration of the play consists of constant criticism from Monica. She criticizes her sister Monica, the poor waiter serving them, the concert she just heard, and even her own coffee.

Personal Discovery

While Monica drones in about all the things she is criticizing Claire tell her tales of how she has started to explore her own body and has been experiencing orgasms. It is difficult for Monica to understand because she does not listen very well and spends too much time criticizing other things.

Subtle Humor

The whole play is not very long, but can be seen as very humorous. Two sisters are meeting at a cafe to connect but do not really connect at all. One is complaining and judging everything while the other is talking about her intimate time with herself. It seems like a train wreck of a date but very enjoyable for the audience.

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