Quiet Torrential Sound Summary

Quiet Torrential Sound Summary

The sisters Monica and Claire arrive at a café after a classical music concert. Monica verbosely comments upon the table flowers before gushing about the concert. The waiter comes to take their order and Monica overbearingly insists on decaffeinated coffee and Claire orders a Coke and a hot fudge sundae, causing her sister to remind her of her figure to which Claire responds by changing her order to a Diet Coke. Monica inquires about a fan because of the draught she can feel and obliviously asks for it to be turned off despite the waiter's claim that there isn't one. Monica begins to tell the clearly unenthused waiter about the classical concert they just attended and oddly about the kind of insect repellent they are wearing. After the waiter leaves, Monica continues to effuse about the concert and classical music in general before interrogating Claire about what precisely she enjoyed about the concert.

The waiter arrives with their orders and Monica insists she can tell that the coffee is decaffeinated. She performs another speech about the beauty of classical music and Beethoven's deafness before showing off her knowledge of artists. Claire begins to tell Monica about a workshop she attended on masturbation, revealing that neither of the sisters have ever had an orgasm. Monica insincerely congratulates her on her new experience before beginning to talk about the Norman Rockwell Museum. The sisters begin to talk over each other before Monica finally tells Claire to shut up.

The waiter reappears and Monica complains that she supposedly knows that the coffee is not decaffeinated, going on a tirade about the headache she will later experience. The waiter admits, perhaps insincerely, to giving her regular coffee causing Monica to admonish her for her lack of culture to which the waiter simply leaves the room. She then attacks Claire for not appreciating her organising their vacation. Monica apologises for her rudeness towards Claire and asks about any pamphlets or diagrams from her workship. Just before they leave, Monica, in contrast to her earlier coarseness, leaves a generous tip of $10.

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