Quevedo: Sonnets and Poems Background

Quevedo: Sonnets and Poems Background

Francisco de Quevedo (Francisco Gómez de Quevedo y Santibáñes Villegas) was born in Madrid, Spain 1580. He died 64 years old in 1645. He was a nobleman, writer and politician. Fracisco de Quevedo is known as one of the most important writers of his era in Spain, the Baroque era. He wrote poems that are categorized as conceptismo, the opposite of culteranismo.

Francisco de Quevedo produced a large number of poems during his time, many of the romance poems. Although he wrote a lot of different poems, everything from mythical to philosophical, he liked to write love poems. Quevedo wrote one novel during his lifetime. The work is divided into three books and is called Vida del Buscón (El Buscón).

As well as his novel, Quevedo wrote fifteen theological books. Some titles are La cuna y la sepulture from 1612 and La providencia de Dios from 1641. Quevedo also wrote some literary criticism, satire, and political works.

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