Prozac Nation Background

Prozac Nation Background

Published in 1994, Prozac Nation is an autobiography written by Elizabeth Wurtzel. The book revolves around the author, and how she had to get through all of the major road bumps of life while struggling with depression. Turned into a film in 2001, the book calls attention to psychological problems in its title: the name 'Prozac' comes from the name of an antidepressant drug. Many critics said the novel was a greatly sad read, but well written, but others thought that it was simply silly. Wurtzel reportedly wanted to name the book I Hate Myself and I Want to Die, but changed the title at the suggestion of her editor. Some people that read the book felt the writing was too dramatic and selfish, someone feeling pity over themselves and their first world problems.

Elizabeth Wurtzel was born in 1967, and began to struggle with depression at the young age of 10. Her parents, divorced, were living in New York City. Prozac Nation is her best known work, but she has written a few follow-up memoirs, such as Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women and More, Now, Again. As well as Prozac Nation, those books received mixed reviews, critics saying that she is contradictory and too sympathetic for herself. Wurtzel attending college at Harvard College and Yale Law School.

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