Prince Caspian Irony

Prince Caspian Irony

Susan’s thriftiness

When Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy get to Narnia at the beginning of the novel, they are very hungry and want to eat. Edmund says that they have sandwiches and they can eat. However, Susan is confident “it is better to keep them”. Then sandwiches “may be necessary”. The irony is that later sandwiches will not be necessary, because the weather is hot in Narnia and the food quickly go off.

Caring killers

Hiding from his uncle Miraz, Prince Caspian accidentally finds himself in the cave, where two gnomes and a talking badger live. While Caspian does not wake up, the gnomes and the badger argue what to do with him. They cannot leave him alive. Caspian will give them out. They can kill him right away or leave alone. The dispute between the gnomes and the badger is very ironic, because “how will they kill Caspian after they brought and bandaged him here? It will be the killing of the guest”.


Having return to Narnia, children wonder that there was a peninsula, but now there is an island. They think someone dug a channel. Edmund says that “only one year has passed since they returned from Narnia”. They think that “the castle can collapse and the huge forest can grow up during one year”. It is an irony, because time is faster in Narnia than in the real world and the children do not notice it. However, they should know about it, because they grew up in Narnia, but they become children again in the real world.

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