Prince Caspian Characters

Prince Caspian Character List


Peter is the eldest of the Penvensie children and the High King of Narnia. He is styled around the ideals of the old Christian knights, chivalrous and brave, he fights for honour and for what he thinks is right. However, Peter is stubborn and often head strong. After the events of Prince Caspian, he cannot return to Narnia, as he is grown up and must learn to live in his own world.


Caspian is a Prince and heir to the throne of his people until his uncle betrays him and he is forced to flee. He is similar to Peter in his chivalrous, being taught of the tales of Old Narnia by his nurse growing up. He fights for the Narnians and the rights because he believes it is the right thing to do, even if it means fighting his own people.


Lucy is the youngest of the Pevensie children, a kind and gentle child. She has the most faith out of all of her siblings, which means she is able to see Aslan when the rest of them cannot. Lucy is very sure of herself, with a strong moral compass that guides what she does and how she lives.


Edmund has matured significantly since the first book, no longer petty and jealous. He learnt from his mistakes and is the only one who truly listens to Lucy when she is able to see Aslan, though it takes him longer to see the lion himself.


Although Susan is not the oldest of her siblings, she is the most adult in character. She acts as a motherly figure within the book, however this is not always received positively as many characters find her condescending. Lucy tells her to stop being such a grown up, and her age means she is not able to return to Narnia after the events of Prince Caspian, as she much grown up in her own world.


Aslan created Narnia and is a wise and powerful Lion who appears when needed, but knows he must allow the Narnians and Humans to fight for themselves. He represents Jesus, referred to as the the Son of the the Emperor across the sea. Although he knows he has the power to control the fate of the world he created, he believes in the free will of his people.


Trumpkin is a dwarf who finds Caspian in the woods, as well as the one who is sent of to find the Pevensie children, expecting them to be the old Kings and Queens of Narnia. He has little faith in the old ways but he fights for the Narnians none the less, not beliving in Aslan until he sees him face to face.


Miraz is the double-crossing antagonist of Prince Caspian, a man who stabs his own men in the back and is loyal only to himself. When Peter challenges him to a one on one battle he agrees, not because he wants to stop unnecessary bloodshed as Peter does, but because he is to proud to let people think him a coward if he refuses.

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