Pretties (The Uglies)

The Cures

The Pretty Cures

The First Try

The first cure Maddy developed consisted of two pills. In the first pill, the nanos (tiny robot machinery widely used throughout the prettytime) were to break down the lesions. The nanos in the second pill were to stop the nanos in the first pill from spreading. Both pills were to be taken together. Since Zane only took the first pill, his brain was permanently damaged, which ultimately led to his death.

The Second Try

The second cure consisted of only one pill needed for the treatment of the lesions. Maddy made the pills much safer; instead of removing a part of the brain, it stimulated the brain to work around the lesions. The Smokies, in partnership with another city, Diego, mass distributed the pills across the world, causing the "Mind Rain", which marked the end of the prettytime. In the second book Tally cures herself by rewiring herself.

The Special Cure

After she created the pills curing pretty lesions, Maddy created a cure for Specials. Unlike the pills, the Special Cure had to be injected with a needle. This cure didn't remove the "scary" appearance (sharp teeth and fingernails), but it removed the lesions in the brain, like the pills. After the mind rain, Tally is the only Special in existence from her city without the Special Cure. All other Specials were either despecialized or have an unknown status. However, it is implied that Tally again rewired her brain so that she can have an incredible body, but still have control over her own thoughts.

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