Pretties (The Uglies)

Prettytime Architecture

New Pretty Town

New Pretty Town is where all of the new pretties live. They are full of parks, mansions named after famous people from the Rusty Time, and amusements for New Pretties after they've become new pretties. In Tally's city, New Pretty Town is separated from the rest of the city by a river, and the bridges report people when they cross the bridge. The exception is an older bridge, which Tally uses to sneak across the river and gatecrash a party that Peris was attending. Later, Tally needs a diversion in the city, and she tells some uglies about the bridge. Four mansions are named - Valentino Mansion, the oldest building in New Pretty Town, Garbo Mansion, Komachi Mansion, and Pulcher Mansion.


Uglyville is made up of schools and dorms for all of the citizens from ages 12–16. The uglies are encouraged to hoverboard and play in the Greenbelt, and act out their random impulses away from all the other age groups.

The Burbs

The Burbs are home to Late Pretties, Middle pretties and their Littlies.

The Factory Belt

In the prettytime, everyone has a "hole in the wall" where they can ask the wall for a piece of clothing/accessory, and it will give it to them. Certain complex items (like hoverboards, furniture and really nice clothes) had to be requisitioned from the factory belt, where middle pretties assembled the special objects.

The Trails

The trails are a series of trails and camping spots in the wilderness used by pretties of all ages for hiking and camping. One of the perks of this was that if you got tired, you could call a hovercar to come and get you.

The Greenbelt

In Tally's city, the greenbelt separates Uglyville from the Burbs. The greenbelt is for uglies to act out their random impulses. Littlies are discouraged from playing in the greenbelt, so that they don't get lost or hurt.

Floating Ice Rink

In Pretties, the floating ice rink over Nefertiti Stadium is mentioned as a huge architectural feat. Using a grid of lifters to support it and tiny Zambonis to keep it transparent, it hovers over Nefertiti Stadium (which displays firework displays before sports games). Everyone is supposed to wear bungee jackets, in case the rink were to break or stop working - which would have never happened intentionally. But Tally, Zane and the Crims stage a breakthrough by pouring vodka on the ice to reduce freezing temperature, and then putting stress on the ice causing it to break during the firework display (the safety fireworks are designed not to hurt people). The Crims act innocent, but Dr. Cable realized it was planned (there are no mentions of anybody else noticing the Crims never got in trouble).

Garbo Mansion

Garbo Mansion is the house most New Pretties live in. The walls can talk and spit out clothes and certain objects. On the roof is a rack of bungee jackets in case of a fire. In Uglies, Tally Youngblood pulls the fire alarm to access the jackets so she can make a daring escape after seeing Peris.

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