Petrified Man

Petrified Man Irony

Dramatic Irony: Mrs. Fletcher

Mrs. Fletcher is furious about Mrs. Hutchinson, whom she suspects told everyone that she is pregnant: "Just looks straight through you when she sees you on the street and then spits on you behind your back." Her claims are ironic because she herself is a person with two faces, pretending to be nice in public but being nasty in the seclusion of the booth in the beauty parlor. The reader can clearly see this, though Mrs. Fletcher would be hard pressed to.

Dramatic Irony: Leota

After seeing Mrs. Fletcher's hair fall out, Leota assures her that she has not told any of her ladies and that she is not going to tell them. However, this assurance is ironic because Leota obviously tells Mrs. Fletcher all kinds of secrets to give her satisfaction and make her feel better at the expense of others. Therefore, it is clear that she would do the same with other customers and talk about Mrs. Fletcher behind her back.

Situational Irony: Finding the Petrified Man

Leota is bitterly disappointed that she was not the one to find the petrified man out for who he really is. She sees the irony in that the magazine was in her house for awhile and that the freak show is right next door to her place of work, yet Mrs. Pike was the one to discover him. This irony exacerbates her bitterness toward her friend.