Perilous Kinship Background

Perilous Kinship Background

Zafer Senocak is a Turkish writer born on May 25, 1961 in Ankara, Turkey. When Senocak was nine years old, his family moved to Munich, Germany, where he attended high school and later studied political science at university. Before he delved into the world of prose, he worked as an editor on various magazines and publications. Senocak is also known for penning essays that detail his stance on cultural and political issues around the world.

One of Senocak’s novels, Perilous Kinship, is in the perspective of a single character, who expresses his experiences and opinions on German, Turkish, and Jewish genocides. Although the novel deals with controversial topics, Senocak writes of this subject matter in such a way that is non-divisive, so that all audiences regardless of their background can enjoy the story itself.

Senocak’s provocative and cinematic writing style has earned him numerous literary awards over the years, including the Munich City Prize of 1984, the Adelbert von Chamisso Award of 1988, and the Helga and Edzard Reuter Foundation Prize of 2014.

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