"Paradox and Dream" and Other Essays Background

"Paradox and Dream" and Other Essays Background

Paradox and Dream and Other Essays is a collection of essays published by American author and essayist John Steinbeck. The main essay focused upon is Paradox and Dream, in which Steinbeck basically describes how he looks down on the American people. In the essay, he states that Americans are simply a group of restless people waiting to get into trouble. Despite the fact that they have laws and pride themselves on them, the paradox is in that Americans will insult someone at any chance they get, and will discriminate based on practically any physical feature. Because Americans are restless, everything will be taken to the extreme - a point that is emphasized a bit too much in Steinbeck's essay.

John Steinbeck was an American author and essayist born in 1902. He spent much time researching and writing about immigration and the goal of the American dream, seen in his most popular book, Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck specialized in writing about what was considered unusual at the time, being sure to include every minority into his works. Steinbeck had strong views on how the world works, as well as the general ignorance of first-world countries, and this can be seen both in Paradox and Dream as well as many of his other fictional and non-fictional publications.

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