Pablo Neruda: Poems Summary

Pablo Neruda: Poems Summary

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

In this poem, Neruda describes his complicated relationship with a woman. He explains how he loves and hates her at the same time, and uses a lot of violent imagery to underscore this point.

Don't Go Far Off

The narrator describes his consuming passion for the object of his affections and begs her not to go, even for a short while, because it would be too painful for him to bear.

A Dog has Died

In this poem, Neruda mourns the death of his dog, whom he paints as an ideal companion. He describes how the death of his dog has made him rethink his views on the afterlife and that he thinks there is a heaven just for dogs now.

Tonight I can Write The Saddest Lines

In this poem, the poet mourns the loss of his beloved whom he loved dearly and still longs for her company. His heart feels pained when he realizes that his beloved now belongs to someone else. He paints the pictures of night, sky and stars that shows that even nature reflects his sadness. It is a highly lyrical poem with a simple yet profound diction that adds to the poignancy of the feeling. He compares his loneliness to the quite and cold night. Here, the narrator goes through an internal battle to letting her go and accepting he lost her forever.

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