Pablo Neruda: Poems Characters

Pablo Neruda: Poems Character List


The main character of "I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You", Neruda narrates the poem. Neruda has a very violent personality, seen by the harsh terms he uses to describe the woman he is in love with. Neruda explains that the two are in kind of a love/hate relationship - he isn't sure if he truly loves her or not.

Narrator of "Don't Go Far Off"

Another lover, this narrator is more passionate toward the woman he loves. Constantly, he describes the turmoil he would be in without her, and describes how passionate he wishes their relationship could be.

Narrator of "A Dog has Died"

The narrator of this poem is also Neruda, likely the same Neruda seen in previous poems. However, in this poem, Neruda seems to take on an entirely new persona, as he describes the deep compassion that he had for his now deceased dog. He tells readers that dogs are much more pure than humans, and his thoughts on afterlife are now different. Instead of Heaven for people, there is only a Heaven for dogs, which are all pure at heart.

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