"On the Bridge" and Other Stories

"On the Bridge" and Other Stories Imagery

Creased and Pliant (Visual Imagery)

Strasser uses visual imagery to illustrate the contrast between Adam's and Seth's leather jackets. While Seth's jacket is new, Strasser writes that "Adam's leather jacket looked authentically old and worn. The right sleeve was ripped and the leather was creased and pliant." By pointing out the difference in the boys' jackets, Strasser emphasizes the inadequacy Seth feels compared to Adam.

Burst of Red Sparks (Kinesthetic Imagery)

Strasser uses kinesthetic imagery to describe the motion of Adam's cigarette sailing toward traffic and hitting a car: "He held the butt of his cigarette between his thumb and middle finger and flicked it over the side of the bridge and down into the traffic. With a burst of red sparks it hit the windshield of a black car passing below." With this imagery, Strasser draws out the anticipation of the moving cigarette and emphasizes the suddenness of the cigarette making an impact with the windshield.

His Mouth Tasted Awful (Gustatory Imagery)

To illustrate Seth's displeasure as he tries his first cigarette, Strasser writes that Seth "had smoked his Marlboro almost all the way down to the filter and his mouth tasted awful." In this example of gustatory imagery, Strasser highlights the unpleasant taste that comes with smoking tobacco.