Oleanna Imagery

Oleanna Imagery


John has just viciously beaten Carol in his office. We see everything that Carol has been pointing out in him in this moment manifest. Then, she rises off the ground saying, "Yes. That's right." The imagery puts us face to face with the horrible truth of the man who has denied his need to lord power over women the entire play.

I'm Sorry

The opening of the play is John speaking on the phone for a long piece of dialogue while Carol sits quietly, patiently in his office for him. The imagery shows us that this is a man that is totally engrossed in what he wants and is willing to make others suffer not only in waiting for him, but in putting them through having to hear every word he speaks.


In the final scene of the play John begins with a long dialogue. This time, instead of being on the phone and ignoring Carol he is attempting to find his way out of the damage he's already caused. Now, he's focused on getting her attention because he needs her and we see it in the imagery of the scene's structure.

Let it Ring

John has been picking up the phone intermittently during his conversation with Carol. But, at one point he tells her he's going to let it ring and offers her the chance to start the whole semester over and that her grade is now an "A" and will stay an "A." This imagery warns us of the insidious intention laying dormant in John. One that makes Carol uncomfortable and is a major caution flag to her.

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