Oleanna Background

Oleanna Background

Oleanna premiered in May of 1992 at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge Massachusetts. William H. Macy played JOHN and Rebecca Pidgeon played CAROL. It would go on to appear off-Broadway at New York's Orpheum Theatre, with Macy and Pidgeon reprising their roles. That opening was in October which was one year after the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings. His play was made more concrete by these hearings.

The play would go on to London at the Royal Court Theatre in 1993. It was directed by the theatrical giant, Harold Pinter. David Suchet and Lia Williams would star. One year later the play would become a feature film directed by Mr. Mamet. William H. Macy would bring his portrayal to the screen and Debra Eisenstadt played CAROL. The film would go on to receive less than stellar critical reviews, but the stage productions struck a nerve in the body of the people that caused them an inability to not look away.

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