New Moon Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

New Moon Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Symbol: The Meadow

To Bella, the meadow in the forest is a reminder of a past life with Edward. The meadow is described as perfectly symmetrical and serene. It represents Bella’s ideal life. With Edward, everything was perfect, but now that he is gone, Bella has no hope of obtaining the life she longs for. In the same way, the meadow was more beautiful with the sun, Bella’s life was more complete with Edward.

Symbol: The Woods

The forest represents confusion, disorientation, and uncertainty. Edward broke up with Bella on the edge of the forest, but she ran into the woods, wandering aimlessly, trying to process what was going on. Her dreams usually take place in the forest because it is too painful for Bella to think clearly about Edward or any of the other Cullens. When Bella meets Laurent in the forest, Laurent tells her that Victoria is hunting her, which disorientates her. Then, Bella sees the wolves, which confuses and upset her more.

Allegory: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

New Moon was loosely based on Romeo and Juliet. The three main characters, Bella, Edward, and Jacob, are allegorical of Juliet, Romeo, and Paris, respectively. Bella wonders if Romeo did not love Juliet, would Juliet have married Paris, a suitor of hers. This allegory helps explain Bella’s feelings for Jacob. Though she does not love him the way she loves Edward or the way Juliet loves Romeo, maybe she would consider marrying him since Edward does not love her back. When Edward returns, however, Bella recalls the stage directions that describe a fight between Romeo and Paris, during with Romeo kills his opponent. This suggests that Bella and Jacob will not be able to remain friends now that Edward is back in Bella’s life.

Symbol: Photographs

Before Edward leaves, Bella takes several pictures of him with a camera she received for her birthday. When Edward leaves, he promises that Bella’s life will proceed like he never existed, which he attempts to fulfill by taking all of her photographs of him. The pictures represent Bella’s memory. Though Edward tried to erase Bella’s memory, he could not. Edward actually left the pictures underneath the floorboards of Bella’s bedroom, representing that as Bella suppressed her memories of Edward, they faded into her subconscious, but never went away.

Motif: "Monster"

The word “monster” is used to describe each Edward, Jacob, and Bella throughout the novel. It is used literally when referring to Jacob and Edward because they are superhuman creatures with the capacity to kill hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. It is also used metaphorically, referring to their characters. Jacob believes Edward is a monster for because he no doubt killed people before becoming “vegetarian.” When Bella believes Jacob is killing people, she believes he is a monster for thoughtlessly murdering people.

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