Nevsky Prospekt Imagery

Nevsky Prospekt Imagery

The impressiveness of Nevsky Prospekt

The vivid description of Nevsky Prospekt as of something that “is everything for the city” provides an image of this magnificent place, and highlights its beauty, its value for every citizen of St. Petersburg. “None of its pale and bureaucratic inhabitants would change Nevsky Prospekt for all the good of the world” proves its importance for each of them, and maybe in some way Nevsky Prospekt becomes something more than just a place, it becomes something personifying those ideals and wishes as “as soon as you come on Nevsky Prospekt, it immediately begins to smell festivities.”

The other – dark side of the Prospekt

Within the story, Nevsky Prospekt, besides its festivity and beauty, is described as a dark place when “the night leans on it with its condensed mass and separates the white and pale yellow walls of the houses”. Showing two sides of the prospect Gogol proves that there is nothing clear and pure in its nature, and even such a magnificent place can be a place, where “demon itself lights the lamps”.

Everything is not what it seems

Gogol calls to readers’ inner instincts not to believe their eyes, but to listen to their heart and inner voice. What we see is not what it seems to be, as “those two fat men stopped in front of the church are talking about how strange two crows sat opposite one another” instead of admiring its brilliant architecture; and “that gentleman in a perfectly tailored frock”, who might seem rich at first sight just “consists entirely of his frock” and has nothing but great ambitions. One cannot judge from the outer look and Gogol tries to point to the difference of understanding of the outer and inner world of the things.

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