Nevsky Prospekt Characters

Nevsky Prospekt Character List


Piskarev is a young naive artist who falls in love with a beautiful girl he sees on the street. He surrenders himself to his imagination and dreams about the woman, but when he is confronted with reality Piskarev is unable to handle it and slits his throat.


Contrary to Piskarev, Lieutenant Pirogov is a realist, quite popular among the St. Petersburg’s ladies. He is used to getting what he wants, therefore the fact that the most recent object of his desire is married represents no problem for Pirogov. However, in this particular situation, instead of achieving his goal he ends up beaten and humiliated. Naturally, Pirogov feels enraged by the twist of events and plans a revenge, but eventually he accepts what happened and returns to his regular life.


Shiller is a German tinsmith with alcoholic tendencies, husband of the beautiful blonde that Pirogov tries to pursue. He notices Pirogue’s inappropriate behavior towards his wife during his visits in the lodge, but he decides to let it pass, as Pirogov agrees to pay sufficiently higher price for his services. However, when one day drunk Shiller returns home to find his wife in the arms of Pirogov, he loses his nerves and asks his two friends to give Pirogov a beating.

the blonde

The blonde, also knows as Mrs. Shiller, is wife of the German tinsmith Shiller. One night when she walks down the Nevsky Prospekt, Lieutenant Pirogov notices her and decides to seduce her. She is described as pretty but not intelligent, therefore, she immediately gives up the time of her husbands absence and gives Pirogov an opportunity to come and see her when she is alone.

the beautiful young woman

The beautiful young woman is another female character who gets noticed and pursued while walking down the Nevsky Propsket at night. She immediately catches attention of the young artist Piskarev, who imagines her as a noble and sophisticated lady, and follows her home. Eventually, it is revealed that she is no more than a prostitute with no proper manners. When Piskarev returns to the brothel to ask for her hand and share his visions of their future together she laughs at him and drives him to suicide.

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