Neuromancer Background

Neuromancer Background

"Neuromancer" is a novel written by William Gibson, a canonical work in the genre of "cyberpunk" award-winning "Nebula" (1984), "Hugo" (1985) and Prize of Philip K. Dick. This is the first novel by Gibson, which opens the trilogy "Cyberspace". It was published in 1984.

This work examined such concepts as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic engineering, multinational corporations, cyber (computer network matrix) long before these concepts became popular in mass culture.

The name of the novel is a play on words, what is referred to in chapter 21 - a combination of "neurons" and "romantic" – neuromancer.

Although still in 1982 Gibson coined the term "cyberspace" in the story "Burning Chrome", which takes place in the same literary universe, but only the "Neuromancer", received all prestigious literary awards in the genre of science fiction in 1984-1985s, became the starting point, after which the idea of ​​cyberspace, virtual reality, a worldwide computer network has attracted attention of both writers and readers. It is interesting to note that Gibson at the time of writing othe book had only a very distant idea about computers and programming and consulted on all technical issues more acknowledged people in computer technologies. There were rumours that the entire finishing version of the novel was reprinted on a mechanical typewriter, and Gibson has never touched a computer terminal during that time.

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