Monkey: A Folk Novel of China

Monkey: A Folk Novel of China Imagery

"Next day they duly went to gather peaches and rare fruits, mountain herbs, yellow-sperm, tubers, orchids, strange plants and flowers of every sort, and set out the stone tables and benches, laid out fairy meats and drinks" (Page 15)

This passage illustrates the subjects’ devotion to Monkey as their king in providing his final dinner before his departure. It also sets the reader more solidly in the setting, providing the contrast for where Monkey will soon find himself.

"The Mountain of Flowers and Fruit became as strong as an iron bucket or wall of bronze" (Page 33)

This instance of imagery doubles as a simile. After Monkey's return from the Patriarch's tutelage, he strengthens his position as king of the Cave of the Water Curtain.

"Outside it were gathered together a band of monsters -- wolves, tigers and so on -- prancing about, flourishing spears and swords, leaping and noisily brawling" (Page 47)

This imagery describes the preparations of the Heavenly army and Monkey's army on the eve of their first battle.

"Buddha turned his head, and a moment later saw a chariot drawn by eight phoenixes, covered by a canopy gleaming with jewels" (Page 76)

This sentence details the arrival of the Jade Emperor's messengers, sent to thank Buddha for trapping Monkey.