Miss Lonelyhearts Glossary

Miss Lonelyhearts Glossary


Illicit nightclub which illegally supplied liquor for sale during the period of Prohibition.


Constitutionally mandated embargo of the manufacture and sale of alcohol within the United States between 1920 and 1933.


Someone who chooses to live without contact with other people outside their home.


A dreamlike state of listlessness characterized by a lack of vigor.

advice columnist

Employed by a newspaper to answer letters sent in by reader asking for advice, usually on matters related to romance or family relationships.


A type of bird known for killing its prey by impaling them with a thorn.


Those pining for romance because they have been so far been rejected as the target of Cupid’s arrow; jilted or spurned by a romantic partner.


Lacking any connection to spiritual or religious concerns or beliefs.

Sacrificial Lamb

An individual who is sacrificed for the greater good of the majority.


Philosophy which attaches greater significance to human achievement and thought than religion and spiritual theories.


Corrupted; degenerated; gone to seed.


The process of inevitable decay ultimately resulting in utter collapse.


To inform and enlighten; improving the structural integrity.


Childish and immature.


Base and disreputable.


A particularly untrustworthy peddler or traveling salesman.

The Wasteland

The figurative region where all the spirit of hopeful expectation in humanity goes to wither and die.


The letdown that commences upon the revelation that cherished beliefs have been proven unfounded.


A deterministic literary genre characterized by a rejection of traditional moral certainties and the embrace of the social forces as providing a greater impact on matters of fate and destiny.

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