Minority Report (Film) Background

Minority Report (Film) Background

Originally, Minority Report was imagined as a loose sequel to Total Recall, but during early development, it quickly grew into it's own story. The movie, which stars Tom Cruise, was designed to be like a noir thriller, a murder-mystery story in the thriller style Spielberg is well-known for. The film had a delayed start because both Spielberg and Cruise's previous films took longer than expected.

The film's premise involves psychic abilities which the police uses to prevent crime in the pre-crime unit. It features a contrastive color palette, primarily using dark shots in the film noir style, but occasionally using bright scenes which adds to the suspense of the film. The plot explores themes about fate and free will. 

The film was well received, netting $256 million at the box office and winning Saturn Awards for Best Science Fiction Film, Best Direction, Best Writing, and Best Supporting Actress, and receiving many more nominations, including Academy Award nominations. The movie enjoyed critical and public acclaim, many heralding Spielberg's fresh approach to the ageless question of man's volition and his ability to choose.

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