Michael Vey: Hunt For Jade Dragon Book 4 Glossary

Michael Vey: Hunt For Jade Dragon Book 4 Glossary


Duplicitous and covert maneuvering against a foe.


The expression on a person's face and the emotional content that can be interpreted from it.


An official and covert document containing sensitive personal information about a person, subject or major event.


A treasured mineral--predominantly green, but not exclusively--used for cosmetic adornment and decoration in forms ranging from jewery to statuettes.


A person of great learning on a variety of subjects; a polymath.


Technically, anyone suffering from a medica condition termed psychosis, but in the common vernacular more often applied in a non-medical fashion to any behavior deemed extremey deviant, threatening and potentially violent.


Referring specifically to the sinister, authoritarian government and ideology at the center of author George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.


Cynical and scornfully mocking in displays of humor and wit.


Developmental condition characterized by communicative disruption, obstructions in forming normalized intepersonal relationships and persistent struggles with deciphering abstract language concepts.

Faraday Cage

An enclosure capable of obstructing electric fields; a concept used in everyday life in the particularized forms of microwave ovens, elevators and airplanes.


A submicroscopic infectious organism that is dependent upon a living cell for replication which has the potential to create and spread diseases through host organisms.


Anyone suffering from a diagnostic personality disorder characterized by chronic and acute antisocial behavior and the apparent lack of a conscience.


Furtive and clandestine undercover access into an organization or business for the purpose of acquiring confidential information.


Someone endowed with unusually prodigious talents or abilities without a proportionate amount of training or education to explain the advanced level of skill.


An advanced and complex computation formula or procedural process for devising a solution to address a specific problem, need or requirement.


The ability to mentally transmit one's thoughts to others and mentally receive them from others not equipped with telephatic powers themselves.


To invalidate or legally affirm as null and void.


A preliminary model that forms the basis for subsequent developmental process prior to the commencement of a manufacturing of the final product design.


A soldier of fortune; fighting in a war not for a cause or a country or self-defense but solely for a paycheck.


Showing a distinctly casual disregard toward things which normally inspired anxiety or concern.

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