Me Before You

Me Before You Character List

Louisa Clark

Louisa, who narrates the bulk of the novel, begins as a directionless but well-meaning young woman who works a comfortable job in a local cafe. She takes great joy in wearing unusual, colorful clothes, but expects to live an ordinary life in the town where she grew up. Over the course of the novel, she discovers her own daring, adventurous side.

Will Traynor

Will Traynor is the adult son of a wealthy local family. Injured in a motorcycle accident, he has become paralyzed and forced to leave his life in London. Whereas he once enjoyed a successful business career and an expensive lifestyle, he now lives in his parents' house. He is sarcastic, intelligent, and frustrated with the limits caused by his disability.


Nathan is Will’s nurse. He and Will are fond of each other after years of working together, and Nathan is able to get along with Will in even his most taciturn moods, being a cheerful, unsentimental person. He is responsible for Will's day-to-day medical needs, but is also emotionally invested in Will's life.

Camilla Traynor

Camilla is Will’s mother, and the person who hires Lou as his caretaker. She can appear cold, but is in fact a deeply private person who cares a great deal about her son's well-being. While Camilla's life was once rigidly organized, her son's accident alters both her lifestyle and her internal sense of normalcy.

Stephen Traynor

Stephen is Will’s father. He is a quiet person who often appears benign and unimpressive beside his wife. He has had affairs throughout their marriage, and ultimately leaves his wife for the woman he has been seeing.

Josie Clark

Josie is Louisa’s mother. She is an industrious person who cleans, cooks, and cares for her family members unceasingly. She is usually friendly and accommodating, but is unfaltering in her commitment to protecting the vulnerable at any cost.

Bernard Clark

Bernard is Louisa’s father. He prefers to stay out of family arguments, but cares deeply for his wife and daughters and offers support to them when it is needed. He struggles to make enough money to support his family, but works hard to do so. He tends to communicate through jokes and mild teasing.

Katrina (Treena) Clark

Treena is Louisa’s younger sister and is considered the smarter child in the family by most people. She has a five-year-old son, Thomas. Though she left university during her pregnancy, she hopes to return eventually. Treena has a calm personality that makes her a good confidant for Lou.


Patrick is Louisa’s boyfriend of several years, who has recently become obsessed with physical fitness and health. He obsessively trains for triathlons and spends his spare time with other triathloners, making Louisa feel neglected. He shows little interest in Louisa sexually, often feels impatient with her professional decisions, and is uncomfortable discussing emotionally fraught topics with her. Though he encourages his girlfriend to pursue a more serious career, he often feels resentful when she pursues her own interests.

Georgina Traynor

Georgina is Will’s younger sister. She lives in Australia, but returns to England in light of Will's accident and choice to commit suicide. She resents the fact that Will gets more attention from their parents than she does, but loves him deeply and is horrified by the prospect of his death. She feels angry at her brother for making a decision she considers selfish and inconsiderate.


Alicia is Will’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he split after his accident. She ends up marrying his friend Rupert. Alicia is very wealthy, refined, and beautiful. She feels awkward and guilty around Will after his accident.


Rupert is Will's former friend and colleague. He marries Alicia after she and Will break up.

Thomas Clark

Thomas is Louisa's nephew. He lives in her family home with his mother, Lou's sister Treena.