Me Before You Background

Me Before You Background

Me Before You was written by Jojo Moyes in 2012 and was published by Pamela Dorman Boos/Viking Publishing. It is the first book of a duology and the sequel is titled After You. Me Before You received great literary acclaim, including being nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award.

Jojo Moyes is British and lives in Essex, England. She spent ten years working for the British newspaper The Independent after the paper financed her journalism education at the City University: London, and became a full-time novelist in 2001.

In 2016 Me Before You was adapted into a film by Sunswept Entertainment and grossed $54.8 million in ticket sales. The film’s screenplay was written by Moyes herself, and was directed by Thea Sharrock. The movie stars Emilia Clarke as Louisa Clark and Sam Claflin as Will Turner.

Me Before You follows Louisa Clark as she struggles to find a job and find her purpose in life after being laid off from the café where she has worked for several years. Listless and lost, she finds herself working as a caregiver for Will Turner, a young man who was paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a motorcycle. He once led a vivacious life, and enjoyed traveling and extreme sports in addition to his high-profile job in finance, but is now deeply depressed and no longer takes joy in anything. Together Will and Louisa learn to find value in their lives again, and slowly grow from enemies to colleagues to friends.

The novel deals closely with the topics of depression and suicide, particularly medically-assisted suicide. Medically-assisted death is currently legal in five US states and five countries, and Moyes takes a hot-button topic and handles it well, explaining in detail the many nuances and conflicting viewpoints of medically-assisted suicide.

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