Lord Byron's Poems

Early Poems: Song


Breeze of the night in gentler sighs

More softly murmur o'er the pillow;

For Slumber seals my Fanny's eyes,

And Peace must never shun her pillow.


Or breathe those sweet AEolian strains

Stolen from celestial spheres above,

To charm her ear while some remains,

And soothe her soul to dreams of love.


But Breeze of night again forbear,

In softest murmurs only sigh:

Let not a Zephyr's pinion dare

To lift those auburn locks on high.


Chill is thy Breath, thou breeze of night!

Oh! ruffle not those lids of Snow;

For only Morning's cheering light

May wake the beam that lurks below.


Blest be that lip and azure eye!

Sweet Fanny, hallowed be thy Sleep!

Those lips shall never vent a sigh,

Those eyes may never wake to weep.

February 23rd, 1808.

Footnote 1: From the MS. in the possession of the Earl of Lovelace.