Lord Byron's Poems

Early Poems: Answer to the Foregoing, Addressed to Miss ---

Dear simple girl, those flattering arts,

(From which thou'dst guard frail female hearts,)ii

Exist but in imagination,

Mere phantoms of thine own creation; iii

For he who views that witching grace,

That perfect form, that lovely face,

With eyes admiring, oh! believe me,

He never wishes to deceive thee:

Once in thy polish'd mirror glance iv

Thou'lt there descry that elegance

Which from our sex demands such praises,

But envy in the other raises. -

Then he who tells thee of thy beauty, v

Believe me, only does his duty:

Ah! fly not from the candid youth;

It is not flattery, - 'tis truth. vi

July, 1804.

Footnote i: 'Answer to the above.'

Footnote ii: 'From which you'd.'

Footnote iii:

'Mere phantoms of your own creation;

For he who sees'.

Footnote iv:

'Once let you at your mirror glance

You'll there descry that elegance,'

Footnote v:

'Then he who tells you of your beauty.'

Footnote vi:

'It is not flattery, but truth'.