Lord Byron's Poems

Early Poems: On the Eyes of Miss A--- H---

Anne's Eye is liken'd to the 'Sun',

From it such Beams of Beauty fall;

And 'this' can be denied by none,

For like the 'Sun', it shines on 'All'.

Then do not admiration smother,

Or say these glances don't become her;

To 'you', or 'I', or 'any other'

Her 'Sun', displays perpetual Summer. 2

January 14, 1807.

Footnote 1: Miss Anne Houson. From an autograph MS. at Newstead, now for the first time printed.

Footnote 2: Compare, for the same simile, the lines "To Edward Noel Long, Esq.," p. 187, 'ante'.