Lives of Girls and Women Characters

Lives of Girls and Women Character List

Della Jordan

Della Jordan is the protagonist of the story. She lives with her family on a farm in Jubilee, Wawanash Country, Ontario, Canada. The girl is blessed with a sharp mind that makes her question every aspect of a life. What is more, Del is often confused by her own mother, whose progressive ideas on education, the future, women’s empowerment and even God frighten, disappoint or irritate Del. Readers observe, how she develops into an adult and how her ideas change with every new period of her life.


Ada is Del and Owen’s mother. The woman worships science and despises religion. She was raised by a religious fanatic, who would rather buy new copies of the Bible than food for her children, so Ada was not unaccustomed to hunger. It is mentioned that she used to be abused by her own brother, as far as Del understands, it was sexual abuse. However, Ada doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against him, for it is her past and she is the woman, who lives in the present. Although she doesn’t like religious pursuits of Del, Ada lets her do as she wishes.


Owen is a younger brother of Dell. According to his sister, the boy has inherited a competitive spirit from his mother.

The father

The father is a husband of Ada and a father of Del and Owen. He has a silver fox farm. Unlike his wife, he seems to be doing just fine without a college degree, books and sophisticated conversations.

Uncle Benny

Uncle Benny is a friend of Dell’s father. It seems that he can properly function only on the Flats Road. A life in a big city doesn’t suit him at all. The man is uneducated, but it doesn’t bother him at all.

Madeleine Howey

Madeleine Howey is a wife of Benny. She runs away from him, taking her daughter and some of Benny’s junk with her.


Diane is Madeleine’s daughter.

The Potter boys

The Potter boys are sheep farmers and neighbors of Dell’s family.

Frankie Hall and Irene Pollox

Frankie Hall and Irene Pollox are local crazy people. Children like to tease them from time to time. Unlike Frankie, who is completely harmless. Irene proves to be a rather dangerous opponent.

Uncle Craig

Uncle Craig is a relative of Dell’s family. The man has been working on the history book about people of Jubilee for the longest part of his life. Death puts an end to his work.

Aunties Elspeth and Grace

Aunties Elspeth and Grace are sisters of Craig. The women hope that Del will finish Craig’s work. Although they used to tease him and make fun of him, they respect and love him. They also often criticize Ada.

Aunt Moira

Aunt Moira is an aunt of Del and Owen.

Mary Agnes

Mary Agnes is a cousin of Del and Owen.

Miss Rush

Miss Rush is an old teacher of Ada.

Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison is an uncle of Dell and Owen, he also happens to be the boy, who used to torment their mother, when they were children.


Nile is a wife of Bill Morrison. The woman is incredibly young and equally incredibly clueless.


Naomi is a Del’s friend. The girl is rather interested in the local gossips and stories about sexual relationship.

Fern Dogherty

Fern Dogherty is a boarder of Ada. According to gossips, she had an abortion and is in an unofficial relationship with Mr. Chamberlain.

Miss Farris

Miss Farris is Del’s teacher. She commits suicide.

Mr. Boyce

Mr. Boyce is the United Church organist.

Mr. McKenna

Mr. McKenna is the principal of Del’s school.

Frank Wales

Frank Wales is Del’s first boy crush.

Mr. Chamberlain

Mr. Chamberlain is Fern’s lover. When he decides to break up with her, he asks Del to steal his old love letters. Giving in to her awakening sexuality, Del starts dreaming about him.

Garnet French

Garnet French is a lover of Del. The man is a Baptist and wants Del to be baptized too, but she refuses. They break up eventually.

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