Lives of Girls and Women Background

Lives of Girls and Women Background

The second work of one of the most renowned and prominent Canadian writers of the 20th and 21st centuries caused a lot of confusion among literary critics. The main reason of their perplexity was the fact that Alice Munro was a master of the short stories, but this work could be easily viewed as a novel. She didn’t need to write hundreds of pages in order to show significance of a human’s life, everyday struggles, hopes and tragedies of an ordinary person. These several interlinked short coming of age stories were published in 1971 and were successful enough to be reprinted a few times more. However, nothing was added or changed since its first publishing.

This collection of short stories or a novel, everyone chooses what they like best, is often viewed as partially autobiographical, for the author uses her own experience, writing about a life she is well accustomed to. Just like the author, a protagonist of the story grows up in a tiny Canadian town, where she is supposed to learn that even such an uneventful thing as an everyday life could be worth a novel. To read this masterpiece is like to talk to Alice Munro. The author reflects on her own early ideas about a writer’s duties and a life itself.

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