Legend Metaphors and Similes

Day’s Pain (Simile)

In the aftermath of his hospital break-in, Day is in extreme pain because of the injuries he sustained. In particular, he has a piercing headache that feels “like a pick slamming repeatedly into the back of [his] head” (83). By using a simile to describe Day’s pain, Lu makes it easier for the reader to experience what he is feeling.

June’s Clothes (Simile)

At her brother’s funeral, June wears a beautiful and opulent gown to honor her brother and his memory. Chian, the Republic official that administers the Trial, compliments June on her appearance by saying “[her] dress polishes [her] up like a fresh snow blossom” (99). Chian’s compliment makes June uncomfortable and her gut tells her to distrust him. Once June unearths the truth about the Trial, the feelings she had during this first meeting with Chian seem valid.

Day’s Name (Metaphor)

Day’s real name is Daniel Wing. He assumed the nom de plume “Day” after he escaped the clutches of the Republic and was pronounced as officially dead in the Republic’s system. At the end of Legend, Day reveals to June the meaning and significance of his new name. It is a metaphor for the all possibilities and chances a new day presents. No matter what transpired previously, a new day offers fresh moments and opportunities to “walk in the light” (431).

Day and June (Simile)

On the surface, it appears as if Day and June are complete opposites and the poster children for the classic “star-crossed lovers” literary troupe. For example, they come from drastically different backgrounds. They lead opposite lives—Day the life of a fugitive and June the life of military royalty. Furthermore, Day is being hunted by the military for the murder of June’s brother. Day and June could not be more star-crossed unless they were Romeo and Juliet themselves. And yet, if you dig a little deeper, a myriad of similarities between the two prodigies are revealed. For example, both teenagers are the only two people known to have achieved perfect scores on the Trial. In addition, they both are highly intelligent, observant, and physically gifted.

Although on paper it would seem that Day and June are diametrically opposed characters, in reality they are more similar than most people would think. Day recognizes this himself when he tells June, “sometimes it feels like we’re the same person” (430). Day’s use of a simile to compare himself and June concretely says what Lu has been hinting throughout Legend. Even though two people can have very different backgrounds and upbringings, they can still possess the same character traits and attributes.

Day’s Hospital Escape (Simile)

To escape the clutches of the Republic’s soldiers after his hospital break-in, Day jumps out of a window. As he’s hurtling towards the ground Day compares himself to a star falling out of the sky (53). The image of a star falling out of the sky makes the reader think of dreams and hopes that fail to come to fruition. As he falls, the reader can picture his hope of saving his brother Eden falling with him.