Legend Character List


An intelligent, agile fifteen-year-old criminal. He failed his Trial five years before, but escaped the lab where he was taken for testing. At the beginning of the novel, he lives on the streets with his friend Tess and steals to help his family and other poor people. Day's real name is Daniel Altan Wing.

June Iparis

A fifteen-year-old prodigy who attends Drake University, the Republic's most prestigious military training school. She is the only person ever to have achieved a perfect score on her Trial. At the beginning of Legend, she lives with her brother Metias, who has taken care of her since their parents died in a car accident. She looks forward to a career in the military. However, when Metias is murdered and she begins to investigate Day, the prime suspect, she uncovers the Republic's dark secrets.


A thirteen-year-old orphan that Day took under his wing a few years before the start of the novel. She helps him scavenge and steal, but she is a better healer than she is a criminal.


Day’s nineteen-year-old brother. John works with the friction stoves in the neighborhood energy plant. He is the only member of Day's family who knows that he is still alive.


Day’s nine-year-old brother, who has a knack for inventing. Eden falls ill with a mutated version of the plague.


Day's courageous, resourceful mother.

Metias Iparis

June's protective brother and a captain in the Republic. He keeps analog journals and photos out of deference to the old ways of his parents. Despite his rising military star, he grows suspicious of the Republic. He hacks into their systems and leaves a blog for June to unravel these secrets - which she does after he is murdered.


Metias's disciplined, formal driver. He has romantic feelings for June, but she is put off by how violently he treats civilians when his job calls for it. June begins to suspect he is responsible for her brother's murder.

Commander Jameson

Metias's sadistic former commander. She recruits June after Metias's murder.


June's beloved, white shepherd dog.


A Republic official who administers the Trial. He was also Metias’s first mentor. June is uncomfortable around him, and he bears a facial scar given to him by Day.


A flirtatious bartender and accomplished Skiz fighter. It is revealed later that she is a member of the Patriots.

The Elector Primo

The dictator of the Republic.


The Elector Primo’s handsome son. He is twenty years old and plans to run for his father’s position next year.

Emerson Adam Graham

A Colonies spy who is captured by the Republic.


A student at Drake who has a crush on June.

Arisna Whitaker

The dean secretary of Drake University. She is constantly exasperated with June.