Lady Chatterley's Lover

Lady Chatterley's Lover Imagery


Constance is often going for walks amongst the trees. When she is sexually awakened, her body is described as having "sap" running through it. Further, the trees are described as "erect" at times. The trees are representative of Mellors and male sexuality more generally.

industrial landscape

The industrial landscape provides a setting for the story. It is not very picturesque, and represents the sad state of nature that man has brought about through capitalist greed.


Flowers are not only symbolic of Constance's sexual awakening, but they are also the elements of nature that are often noticed in the surroundings. Lawrence has a very fine knowledge of botany, and he is able to name many different kind of flowers.

the sea

The female orgasm is described as if Constance were in a "sea" and entering "death." This is indicative of its dynamism: it lasts only for a moment before it is perceived as a pure loss.