Lady Chatterley's Lover

Lady Chatterley's Lover Character List

Lady Constance "Connie" Chatterley

the protagonist of the novel, who is exploring her sexuality; wife of Clifford Chatterley.

Clifford Chatterley

husband of Constance Chatterley; aristocrat; confined to a wheelchair after World War I.

Hilda Reid

Constance's sister, undergoing a divorce at the end of the novel.

Geoffrey Chatterley

Clifford's father, a patriot and aristocrat.

Emma Chatterley

Clifford's sister.

Herbert Chatterley

Clifford's elder brother; heir to the Wragby estate, but dies in 1916.

Sir Malcolm Reid

Constance's father, a sensualist who wants Constance to have a healthy sexual life.

Lady Eva Bennerley

aunt of Clifford, who visits him occasionally.

Tommy Dukes

former classmate at Cambridge with Clifford; an intellectual; a Brigadier General.

Charles May

an Irishman who writes scientifically about the stars; he was a classmate of Clifford at Cambridge.


a writer who was a classmate of Clifford's at Cambridge.


the gamekeeper of Wragby Estate, whom Constance takes as a lover.

Connie Mellors

the gamekeeper's daughter.

Harry Winterslow

a visitor at Wragby.

Jack & Olive Strangeways

wife and husband who visit Wragby Estate.

Mrs. Bolton

Clifford's nurse, from a lower class; a widow.

Bertha Coutts

Mellors' wife.


the driver of the Chatterleys.

Squire Winter

a coal magnate and relative of Clifford; believes in the aristocracy.


an Irishman and playwright, with whom Constance has an affair early on in the novel.

Duncan Forbes

an artist friend of Constance who is willing to pretend to be Constance's lover and father of her child.


a gondolier who services Constance in Italy.