Kit's Wilderness Background

Kit's Wilderness Background

Few books are as innovative or interesting as David Almond's Kit's Wilderness (published in 2000). A children's novel, the book is set in a made-up northeast English town and tells the story of young Kit Watson and his family who move back to the aforementioned town to care for Kit's ailing grandfather. As Kit begins to learn about the history of the town and his grandfather (with the help of a kid named John Askew), his perspective on his life and his family begins to change. He discovers the value of family bonds and the value of tremendous meaning and beauty.

When it was released, Kit's Wilderness received solid reviews. Publisher's Weekly said that "The intricacy and complexity of the book's darker themes make it a more challenging read than his previous novel for children, but the structure is as awe-inspiring as the ancient mining tunnels that run beneath Stoneygate." A couple of other reviewers, however, didn't particularly care for the book. Some called the book "convoluted." Others said that the reading the book required a rather large suspension of disbelief.

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