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ILC English

Hello, i was just wondering any1 was doing ILC English and would like to share answers on some key questions.

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Hey - we don't have that in Arizona, but good luck!! I hope someone else has some help for you.

hey i am taking ilc english and since you have taken it would you like to give me the answers You have plz. thank you

Hey,Im currently taking ilc english4uB and im in unit 3 key question 15 and if you guys did this or unit 4 or the exam some help would be appreciated Thank you


im doing the same thing. any help on question 15 unit 3 would be greatly appreciated.

Thankuuuuu so much. =)

i just finished the ilc engish course, let me know if i can help

@ geovanni m #123787

Hello ! It will be a pleasure if you can get back to me because I really wanted to know if ENG4UB in ILC is a good idea and what mark did u get? do you think I will be able to finish all the packages by June this year? What are the books that are completed in the course?

Thank you so much !

Hey, I'm getting ready to do the final exam in ENG4E-A. Did you do this exam and if so whats involved. Gould

@ geovanni m #123787

hey could you get back at me, i need some desperate help!

Im on unit 2 of the ILC ENG4U-B course. To who ever finished the course already could you get back at me, I could really use a hand with some of the key questions.

Hi I a just started ILC ENG4Ub so can you give your assignments. please

Just started the ILC ENG4U-B. Need help pls can anyone who has done it help me with the key questions. I need to pass it to gain admission. Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


could you please help me with ENG4U-B with ILC please I need help Please please please. Thank you my admission depends on it.I expect a reply. Thank you

Hey i am doing ENG4C-B grade 12 through ILC guys plz i need some help with the key question of unit 1 .. if any body could help me with this


Can anyone help me out with eng4ub? I am desperate!

Hi I am doing ENG4U-B also, I need some help in the key questions for Unit 3 and Unit 4. Also if anyone wrote the final exam for this course, anything you remember about the exam will be a great assistance. I really need this. Thanks


I have the essays/answers to the key questions for Eng4U. Give me your email and let me know what you need and we can work something out.

Hey, I have finnished units one and two can you please email me at ?

Anyone who has completed the ENG4U-B English with through the ILC and has written the EXAM pls contact me…I need to know what is going to be on the exam.

I'm on my last unit, i just need a little help/ideas with the stone angel. Can anyone who has finished this email

Hey.. I have to retake the course I am upgrading my marks.. i did pretty bad the first time.. I was wondering if anyone can send me their key questions so i can look over them and try to do my own.. PLEASE HELP ASAP.. my email is

carlos b #143887 my email is Email me ASAP thankss

hey i really need help for ILC. i would do anything just for anyone's help. im taking ENG4UB. and im stuck in unit2. thanks. pm me

@ carlos b #143887 !!!

i really need help on ILC, please help me out! im taking ENG4U-B this is my email. thanks alot!

Hey I got advance functions and Biology 4U I can trade the answers for the english 4U, send me a message at if interested.