Keats' Poems and Letters

Keats' Poems and Letters Character List

The Beadsman

A pauper who performs prayers for the wealthy in "The Eve of St. Agnes".


A young, virginal character who hopes to see her future husband in her dreams in "The Eve of St. Agnes".


Madeline's successful suitor in "The Eve of St. Agnes".


An old woman who guides Porphyro to Madeline's chambers in "The Eve of St. Agnes".


Psyche is an ancient Greek goddess. Originally a mortal, she drew down the hatred of Venus (the goddess of love and beauty) on account of her physical beauty, and Venus asked her son, Cupid, to get rid of Psyche. Cupid ended up falling in love with Psyche himself; after marrying Cupid, Psyche became immortal. In the ancient Greek world, however, she lacked worshippers and did not have temples erected in her honor. Keats tries to rectify this in "Ode to Psyche".

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

In the poem that bears her "name," this lady is described in mysterious terms. A knight-at-arms meets her in a field, and after she enraptures him with her beauty, he falls in love with her. She takes him to her cave, but ultimately the knight wakes up lost on a cold hillside, not knowing what has happened. This lady appears to be a kind of seductress, possibly evil.

Love, Ambition, and Poesy

The three figures who haunt the lazy narrator of "Ode on Indolence"


The titular character in "Ode to a Nightingale", this bird represents beauty and eternity.

Fanny Brawne

The unnamed possible subject of "Bright Star", Fanny Brawne was the woman to whom Keats was engaged before his untimely death in 1821.