Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth Character List


Professor Lidenbrock's nephew and assistant, Axel is the protagonist and narrator of the story. Axel lives with his uncle because his parents died when he was young; his uncle decided to take care of him in their stead. He loves working with Lidenbrock and learning about Earth and its minerals. When Lidenbrock decides to go to the center of the Earth, Axel tries to stop his uncle from embarking but eventually decides to take part in Lidenbrock's adventure. Throughout the narrative, Axel is pessimistic about the course of the trip, which he believes will end in his demise. He is somewhat naive, excitable, and anxious.


Lidenbrock is Axel's uncle and mentor, a man who works as a professor in geology and mineralogy. He is so famous that people come from around the world to attend his lectures. Professor Lidenbrock is hardworking and optimistic, never giving up on the journey to the center of the Earth. He is also stubborn, prideful, and single-minded in his endeavors. After the journey, he becomes even more renowned.


Hans is the Icelandic guide who accompanies Axel and Lidenbrock during their journey to the center of the Earth. He is a calm, wise, stoic man, and does not talk much during the trip. He also saves the lives of the entire adventure party numerous times.

Snorre Turleson

The author of the old Icelandic book in which Lidenbrock finds an important parchment.

Arne Saknussemm

An alchemist and scholar from the 16th century, Saknussemm possessed the old Icelandic book before Lidenbrock owned it; he wrote on parchment in a secret code that was meant to be deciphered. Saknussemm went to the center of the Earth and recorded instructions on how to reach it. He was persecuted for heresy and his works were burned in 1573.


Professor Lidenbrock's cook.


Lidenbrock's beautiful ward, whom Axel adores and plans to marry when he returns.

Milne-Edwards and Quatrefages

Two French scholars with whom Lidenbrock shares delight over a jawbone fossil.

Mr. Fridriksson

A science teacher in Reykjavik who hosts Lidenbrock and Axel.

Baron Trampe

The governor of Iceland.

Mr. Finson

The mayor of Reykjavik.