It's Kind of a Funny Story

It's Kind of a Funny Story Essay Questions

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    Why does Craig recover so quickly after his stay in Six North?

    The rapidity of Craig's recovery may seem unusual or unrealistic to some readers; however, there are important reasons why Vizzini chose to have Craig recover so quickly. Craig's rapid, positive response could be a sign of his personal fortitude, a trait that should be admired and emulated by troubled readers. To take an alternative explanation, Craig spends much of the novel feeling trapped in toxic environments. He takes the choice, at Six North, to free himself from a stressful school, and his rapid transformation may reflect the release that comes with finally eliminating this burden.

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    What purpose does comedy serve in It's Sort of a Funny Story?

    Without comedy, Vizzini would have delivered a dark and perhaps depressing novel about teen psychology. The inclusion of comedy allows Vizzini to avoid this liability. However, much of the comedy involves Craig's observations of the world around him; for Vizzini, comedy may also be a way of indicating how sharp and lively Craig's mind is, even in the worst of circumstances.

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    Do Aaron and Nia have a mostly positive or mostly negative effect on Craig?

    It is possible that Aaron and Nia give Craig a sense of stability and acceptance; few other grammar students, after all, form any sort of bond with Craig. Even when Craig is at his worst, interacting with them gives Craig the opportunity to figure out how to deal maturely with conflict. Yet Aaron and Nia can also be seen as toxic in their influence: their interactions with Craig often seem pleasant yet superficial, and both of them badly mismanage the news of Craig's stay in Six North.

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    Why does Craig form bonds with the older patients in Six North?

    There are a few reasons why Craig may be drawn to older characters such as Bobby, Muqtada, and Armelio. He feels genuine sympathy for them, and bonds with them perhaps because he realizes that his situation in life is significantly better than theirs. It is also possible that Craig's relationships in the outside world guide these new bonds: he knows adult conversation and adult psychology (from dealing with therapists) and has been disappointed in some of his bonds with his own peers.

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    What role does Noelle play in Craig's recovery?

    Noelle's positive influence on Craig has few different, major aspects. Most obviously, Noelle offers Craig an intriguing and fulfilling romantic attachment, and thus helps him to eliminate some of his insecurities about girls and status. While her company is genuinely enjoyable, Noelle also helps Craig to form a new version of himself. It is, after all, Noelle who guides Craig back to the maps he drew in his childhood.