It's Kind of a Funny Story

It's Kind of a Funny Story Character List

Craig Gilner

Craig is an intelligent and perceptive high school student; he lives in Brooklyn and attends the prestigious Executive Pre-Professional High School. Craig faces various psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and difficulty eating; much of the novel is taken up with his attempts to deal with these problems. Although Craig faces challenges in navigating the world of Six North, a psychiatric clinic, he must also face somewhat more typical high school problems—including insecurity about grades and girls.


Aaron is Craig's best friend, who also attends Executive Pre-Professional. Confident and intelligent, Aaron is the son of an eccentric writer. His interaction with Craig consists, in large part, of unremarkable activities such as watching movies and smoking pot; however, Aaron and Craig also find themselves at odds after Craig admits his problems and enters Six North.


Aaron's girlfriend, and one of Craig's classmates. Nia deals with psychiatric problems of her own in the course of the novel. She and Craig are connected in another way: Nia is Craig's main romantic interest before Noelle appears.


An attractive young woman who has cut her own face with scissors, and who Craig meets during his stay in Six North. Craig and Noelle are exactly the same age. They begin an intimate relationship, and Noelle's encouragement leads to Craig's rediscovery of his artistic interests.

Craig's Mom

A caring and supportive figure, who lets Craig sleep in her bed when he is feeling down.

Craig's Dad

A good-natured father figure, who nonetheless questions Craig's desire to become an artist.


Craig's younger sister, who is depicted as bright, confident, and full of potential.


A particularly aggressive patient from Six North. Humble is obsessed with status and women, and is at one point removed from the premises after a dispute with another patient.


A patient from Six North who has a history of drug abuse.


A patient from Six North who is friends with Bobby, and had also abused drugs.


A patient from Six North who is known for his pushy yet mostly good-natured temperament, and who is preoccupied with card games. He is known around the premises as President Armelio.

Dr. Minerva

Craig's psychologist at the time of his entry into Six North.


A large woman who is a patient in Six North.


One of the administrators in Six North.


An Egyptian man who is Craig's roommate during his stay in Six North. Muqtada seldom leaves his bed and has a strong body odor. However, Craig manages to motivate Muqtada by obtaining Egyptian music for him to listen to.

The Professor

A somewhat haughty, older woman who is a patient in Six North.

Dr. Barney

The specialist who sees Craig at the beginning of Craig's psychiatric treatment and prescribes him Zoloft.