In His Steps Summary

In His Steps Summary

In His Steps written by Charles M. Sheldon is a novel written to answer the question 'What would Jesus do?' It is a Christian novel for readers to make interpretations of what Jesus would do to help. It is about improving understanding of others no matter race, color or creed. This is a book that offer challenges to the characters throughout the book to make changes on how they look at things and ideas.

The major character is the Reverend Henry Maxwell, who is the spiritual leader of the town of Raymond. His wife Mary, a person who went to the local kindergarten and was one of the first people who she saw in town believed to be a tramp by the name of Jack Manning who is the person who makes Henry and his family and the town think about how they live physically, mentally and spiritually. Rachel Winslow, Dr. Phillip West, Miss Virginia Page, Edward Norman, the publisher of the town newspaper all of which shares their various ideas of how to use their various talents that could tear the town apart or help the town. They all ask the question 'What would Jesus do?'

There are various groups of thought throughout the town on how to accept the stranger that came to town. This is a novel that leads to improving communication and social skills that lead to acceptance of others no matter on what they look like for appearances can be deceiving. All the characters of the story will need to make various interpretations of how to answer the question posed.

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