In His Steps Characters

In His Steps Character List

Pastor Henry Maxwell

He is the main character of the story. He is the pastor of the First Church in Raymond and he was the one to make the proposition — What would Jesus Do? After a man from the street (Tramp) gives a speech in his church which moves him and his whole congregation. He invites all the members to take the WWJD pledge with him for one whole year, nevertheless, he was also very active in the abolition of the saloon. He faced more than a few challenges during his walk, but became a role model in Christianity and was rewarded by God for his good faith.

Rachel Winslow

Rachel Winslow is a beautiful singer in her 20s with an Amazing Voice that leads many lost souls to the Lord. She was one of the first few that took the pledge — What Would Jesus Do? She was offered to sing professionally with the opportunity to travel the country and be famous; she turned it down to rather sing in the First Chruch and at the Rectangle. She was later proposed to by 2 men but turned them down, and at the end, married Rolling Page.

Virginia Page

She was one of the first few that took the pledge that was proposed by Pastor Maxwell — What Would Jesus Do? She becomes a very strong Christian and a person to look up too. She is very wealthy and generous woman by giving a large sum of money to the First Church to help the Rectangle; she also gave $500 000 to start a Christian newspaper. Virginia is the sister of Rolling Page and best friend of Rachel Winslow. At the rectangle, she took in the drunkard Loreen when she needed her the most.

Madame Winslow

Rachel Winslow's mother, she was upset when her daughter told her that she turned down the opportunity to sing professionally; she was opposed to the idea at first.

Rollin Page

Rollin was an alcoholic and a club member at the saloon early in his life before he took the pledge. After he took the pledge — What would Jesus Do — he completely changed his ways and began preaching the Gospel to many, and ends up marrying Rachel Winslow after he proposed twice. Rollin is the brother of Virginia Page, and very rich.

Alexander Powers

His a wealthy gentleman that runs the railroad. He found out that his company has been breaking the law and decides to quit so he ended up working for the Daily News.

Edward Norman

Edward Norman is the editor of the Daily News in Raymond. He faced many hard choices and challenges when he took the pledge — What Would Jesus Do? He ends up canceling the Sunday newspaper and bases his paper on what would Jesus do in the Daily News

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